Monday, September 2, 2013

The Truth about Asher Heimermann

If you found your way to this page, you probably already know a bit about the long term online scammer, 19 year old Asher Heimermann.

Asher began his lenthy criminal career early in life-you only have to google his name to see the long history of online scams-from the age of about 12 on up, Asher has plied his trade online to an unsuspecting public via political scams, fake newspaper sites, scam photography and web design businesses and other online scams allowing him to take the money and run.

Asher's scams include years of political 'grifting'; he appears to run for an office, including that of the now infamous 'mayoral' race of Sheboygan in 2011.  Asher begs for money online within the context of these political scams-getting himself blocked from many reputalble political sites from doing just that-begging for funds to finance his new 'political campaign.'

When enough suckers have donated to "supportasher" or one of his other 30+ donation sites [that go directly to his paypal account btw], he conveniently drops out of the campaign althogether due to some fabricated emergency or obligation. In the case of the mayoral race, clever Asher actually missed the mayoral debate-calling in at the last minute as one would do if they want to skip school [transcripts available online].  Upon reviewing the documents submitted by Asher to account for the funds he collected, one sees [multiple times over] his cell phone paid for, purchases of a brand new ipad, new high end digital cameras, multiple fast food restaurants and [the kicker] 200.00 to himself for 'consulting fees'- How does one consult themself? In addition to this trumped up list of "expenses" Asher often "rolls over" hundreds of dollars in campaign funds into his next political campaign.  One interesting interview upon his withdrawl for the assembly seat he had been running for-Asher stated in an interview that he had an "outstanding political contract in Illinois and had to honor that contract prior to holding an 'office' in the state of Wisconsin"-needless to say, this so-called outstanding contract never existed.

Asher seemingly has an unending supply of suckers willing to donate funds to the next political campaign the scammer will run-but when he runs low on donations-it appears Asher has a solution for that as well...Pose as another politician, or at least act like you are taking contributions for a legitimate campaign! Asher created at least one website and a fake twitter account during the Wisconsin Gov. race-in the name of Tom Barrett who was running against Scott Walker.  His page "Tom Barrett For Wisconsin" looked so similar to Barrett's actual page "Wisconsin for Tom Barrett" that many unsuspecting 'donors" had no idea they were donating to Asher at his self created site for contributions "asherpac" not Barrett.  In addition, the twitter account "TomForGovernor" was used.  Upon being asked to take down the sites or be brought up for fraud charges-the quick thinking con decided to sell the url on 'dealASite" for $1,000.  Asher did this in the past with other political candidates including Mahlon Mitchell and others-all of the donations going to support Asher's lifestyle apparently. The political scams still continue today.

Asher also runs several "online newspaper sites" currently "the Sheboygan Daily" through which he steals news off of other legitimate news sites and posts it as his own.  He also runs around town taking photos of accident victims and others [minors at school and others in scenes where police or emts are called]  When asked to take the images down off of his site, he blatently demands 1,000 dollars to do so, laughing in the face of the victims families.  These newspaper sites are numerous and typically last several months before he moves on to create a new one when people get wise to his games.
Asher also steals graphics and copyrighted material from businesses, local and otherwise-then laughs when the businesses demand he remove their material.  As a sidenote-Asher also begs for 'donations' to help support his business venture-posing as the young, gifted entrepreneur trying to get a "business" off the ground.

Another of his scams falls in the area of "photography"..Asher, posing as an "official" through numerous means [his sites urls appear suspiciously similar to government urls including "" [formerly "incident response], "", "", "sheboyganpolitics", "", "cityofsheboygan.cs", and others.] his badge he carries on the homepage is a very close duplicate to an official badge, his apparel mirrors that of a firefighter or law enforcement, the very text he uses on the WI pub. Safety site often eludes to the idea that he is an 'official'-with only a tiny postscript on the last page of the site at the very bottom that he is 'not affiliated with law enforcement." while the causal user could certainly make the assumption he is.  Asher uses this assumption to his advantage-often attempting to intimidate others, and oftentimes young teens, by stating he is an official and will "turn them in" or they could be in big trouble by "threatening an official".  Needless to say, Asher is NOT affiliated with law enforcement or the governement in any way, shape or form although he certainly attempts to get others to believe he is.

It goes without saying that Asher begs for donations on his "photography" site as well. While supporting his lifestyle by running scams, it appears Asher entertains himself by harassing businesses and citizens that dare evoke the "wrath" of the mighty Asher.  If one disagrees with his views or dare to comment negatively they can find their business site hacked and removed, their two way radios hijacked and hacked, or even their family and reputation destroyed by online terrorism and harassment by Prince Asher.

And while Asher is eeking out a pretty good living by being a scammer, being a successful scammer takes years of practice, and Asher clearly is in the head of his class at begging, scamming and stealing to support his lifestyle.  Don't be a victim, if you run across Asher online, run in the other direction-unless perhaps you'd like to donate to the cause. If you are bored, do a little google search with his name in quotes-you will see that every word here is true-and hopefully, someday, Asher will cross one legal line too many and finally get charged for his crimes-but he's only 19 and has plenty of time left to make a nuisance of himself before the authorities finally look into his crimes and put a stop to his schemes once and for all.